Western Dressage Association of North Carolina

Western Dressage Association of North Carolina® Horse of the Year Awards.
For 2015 you may submit your test placings and scores online. Make one or more submissions for each horse. Awards will be given for each division.

• To qualify for HOY awards both rider and owner must be members of WDANC. Family memberships are available.
Awards are given to a horse/rider pair. If the horse is shown by different people, each rider may submit scores separately.
  • Deadline for submission is December 25th.
  • How to calculate your HOY Points.

First Place Second Place Third Place Fourth Place Fifth Place Sixth Place
Minimum Score 60%       58%           56%         54%         52% Use for all scores less than 52%
WDAA Show points 12            8                   6              4                2               1
WNANC (any show judged by an "L" or USEF recognized dressage judge)                                             Show points 6             4                   3              2                1              0

First determine whether the show was a WDAA recognized show or a WDANC only recognized schooling show. This determines which point row you will use. Only places from First to Sixth places will earn points except for schooling show which are First to Fifth. Then locate the place you had at the show and start with that column. If your score is equal to or larger than the minimum score listed, you will get the points from the rows underneath that column. If your score is less than the minimum score move to the next column to the right and use that column to check your score against that minimum score. Continue until you come to the column where your score is equal to or greater than the minimum score and use that column to determine your points.

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Log – lessons, work outs, ground work, conditioning rides (includes all trail rides,) cattle work, events other than WDANC shows.
Lessons and educational activities - 3 pts
Dressage schooling on ground or ridden - 2 pts
All other activities - 1 pt.
Deadline for submissions:  October 25th

  • Youth - Anyone under 18 years of age
  • Novice- Beginners in WD
  • Experienced
  • Pros- which will be defined as any person receiving money for training or lessons.
  • All-Around – horse participating in the widest variety of activities (must complete more than 5 hours in each activity logged.) This division may be subdivided if there are enough submissions.