Western Dressage Association of North Carolina


The Western Dressage Association® of North Carolina is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes to align itself with the purposes and mission of the Western Dressage Association® of America (WDAA).

Our mission: To provide venues, forums, and resources for riders of all horse breeds to learn to improve balance, cadence, and carriage of both horse and rider. By combining the disciplines of dressage with the philosophies of western riding, the WDAA of North Carolina seeks to improve our partnership with our horse. Our goal is a happier, sound horse, and a more aware and knowledgeable rider. Achieving these goals is a journey of technique, learning, growth, practice, and patience.


Our commitment to equine equality:

The WDA of NC is dedicated to the principle of inclusion. All horse breeds and riding disciplines, without exception or limitation, are respected and invited to participate in the WDAA vision and all of its forums, venues, events, and resources. The WDAA and the Affiliate shall comply and respect this principle of inclusion and shall not, in any manner, exclude any breed or discipline.

Our commitment to quality content, presentation, and service :

The WDA of NC will  develops a wide range of education and  shall use these materials to provide organized professional presentations and service for the education and benefit of its members.

Our commitment to collaboration and open relationships:

The WDA of NC seeks open relationships with all equine organizations and believes that through sharing educational resources, techniques and attitudes, all horses and riders will benefit. The WDA of NC shall support this principle of collaboration in all its relationships, events, venues and forums.


Rachel Edie Rushlow-Freeze  - President     [email protected]

Barbara Long - Vice President     [email protected]

Darlene Vaughan - Peoples -  Secretary     [email protected]

Barbara Long - Treasurer pro temp       [email protected]

Board Members

Courtney Vesel

Lisa Gerdon

Laura LaCoille

Roxanne Griffin

Jennifer Lenfesty

Angie Vaughn